Hello! Everyone today in this article I am going to share with you a few tips to contribute to a healthy breakfast diet and start your day off in the best way.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — but only if you do it right

You can power up your morning with a superfood, or instantly feel like you are running on empty. It is all up to you!

The first rule of the breakfast club is that never ever skip your breakfast. 

Whether you are trying to lose weight or you are just not that hungry in the morning, it can be tempting to skip those calories and hold out till lunch.

Skipping breakfast can increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease, on top of actually making it harder for you to lose weight.

A healthy breakfast diet should always include fruit, vegetables, whole grains and a bit of dairy. 

The best way to do this is to combine servings into simple recipes such as oatmeal with different types of fruit or toast topped off with tasty greens.

Avoid too much sugar in the morning as it can make you crash before lunch and crave sweets throughout the day.

Instead of pouring a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal use fruit, to naturally sweeten your breakfast. The natural sugars will satisfy your craving for sweet food without leaving you feeling sluggish.

Kick start your day with a little bit of fiber in your breakfast in the form of avocado toast, blackberries, bran flakes or whole-grain oatmeal, fiber lower cholesterol and promote healthy digestion it also makes you feel fuller longer.

Like fiber, protein keeps you feeling fuller longer. It is also essential if you are planning to get a morning workout since it helps refuel your body’s natural energy. 

Good sources of protein include nuts, peanut butter, and eggs.

Carbs are essential to help you feel full, but refined flours which make up white bread, add little nutritional value. Go ahead and have that bagel or that waffle but choose a whole-grain version instead to make sure you’re getting the nutrients and vitamins you need.

That morning cup of coffee might wake you up but if you are having more than one in a day it could also be dehydrating you.

To maintain healthy skin and high levels of energy throughout the day start your morning off with a glass of water as soon as you wake up. It will keep you hydrated even for the entire day.

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Top 15 foods you need to be eating at breakfast.

1. Eggs: The healthy breakfast list would be incomplete if I don’t include eggs on the list. It is undeniably healthy, delicious, cheap, and easy to make.


An extremely versatile and there's no more flawless way to start your day than with eggs whether you like them scrambled, fried, boiled poached or baked.

Studies have shown adding eggs in your breakfast makes you feel full and help you eat fewer calories. 

There are so many ways to make eggs that you can eat them in a different style every day of the week egg whites and yolks contain completely different sets of nutrients that is great either together or separately.

If you're watching your cholesterol or calorie intake simply eating the whites of the eggs. 

Eggs are also rich in choline which is a very important nutrient for brain and liver.

2. Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt has a higher amount of protein in it as compared to regular yogurt and nearly half of the carbohydrates making it a great way to kick off your day.

If exercise is a part of your lifestyle you may prefer Greek yogurt to regular as it's got more protein. It is creamy, delicious, and nourishing. 

Greek yogurt can also be an easy way to get probiotics into your system.

This healthy breakfast helps in reducing appetite and makes you feel full helping in weight loss and also increase your metabolism.

3. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is the perfect base for any healthy breakfast, it holds a mix of protein and carbohydrates and contains soluble and insoluble fiber both of which aid in the digestion process.

Oatmeal is a warm and cozy meal that is quick and easy to prepare. If you want to avoid lots of added sugar some researchers believe that steel-cut oats are an even healthier version of this healthy breakfast.

Oats are also rich in antioxidant which protects fatty acids from becoming rancid and minimizes the chances of heart attack and also keeps blood pressure in check.

4. Cottage cheese: When you want a high protein boost that doesn't require any food prep having a container of cottage cheese in your fridge is a great solution. 

This product is high in protein and is very filling as well as being full of vitamins and minerals and improves your metabolism.

You can mix cottage cheese with many other foods from the list to create a perfect and healthy breakfast even more nutritious.

5. Avocados: Avocado contains a high fiber which takes a long time to digest and very few carbohydrates, people with diabetes can also have avocados but in a very moderate way.



We all know how healthy avocados are but you are probably more accustomed to eating it in salads or as a guacamole dip than incorporating it into your breakfast.

This trendy ingredient is popular for a reason they're high in healthy fats and fiber and low in net carbs. 

You can also slice up an avocado and put it on top of scrambled eggs or eat it straight from the skin with a little salt and pepper.

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6. Almond butter: It is similar in taste like peanut butter but almond butter packs an extra punch by having double the vitamin E as well as more calcium and magnesium. 

According to research, almond butter packs a ton of health benefits into one little dollop, including fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

It helps to maintain your good cholesterol and protect against cardiovascular diseases. 

It is also good for the brain, making it one of the most important ingredients to make your breakfast healthy.

7. Berries: Berries have a reputation for being the best healthy fruits because they're low in sugar but high in fiber and antioxidants

Berries contain a variety of nutrients that contribute daily values.

They are a great addition to any other foods on this list that you're looking to give an extra boost to. 

There are tons of ways you can add berries to your morning meal eating them straight, blending them in a smoothie or using them to top cereal chia seed pudding or even pancakes.

8. Chia seeds: Chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and also contain significant amounts of iron, fiber, and calcium. 

Chia seeds are extremely rich in fiber and antioxidants which reduces inflammation.

If you're watching your carb intake these are a great alternative to the more standard breakfast grains like oatmeal because their net carb count is extremely low. 

The best way to consume chia seeds is to make a quick overnight chia seed pudding which can be talked with fruits or nuts before you eat it number.

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9. Nuts: Nuts are a great addition to make a healthy breakfast diet. 



Nuts are high in unsaturated fat and fiber which we have already established as great for bringing your cholesterol down. 

Studies have also proved that nuts help in reducing the risk of heart disease and also keep blood pressure in control.

10. Kiwi: Kiwis may be tiny but you have probably heard that good thing comes in small packages that are definitely true of this underrated super fruit.

Kiwis are high in fiber which is slowly digested to keep you feeling full longer it is also packed with a huge amount of the antioxidant vitamin C. 

This aids your immune system and contributes to better digestion and glowing skin Kiwis look beautiful when used as a topper for a smoothie bowl.

11. Bananas: The starchy carbs filled fruit will keep you full for hours bananas are great to add to oatmeal or cereal and they make a perfect addition to your morning smoothie.

The high levels of potassium will actually help lower your blood pressure and there natural sweetness will help curb your sugar cravings and stop you from reaching other sugary products.

Not to mention that bananas conveniently come in their own natural packaging making them easy to throw in your bag to eat on the way to work or school when you don't have time to sit down for breakfast in the morning number.

12. Raspberries: Adding a few raspberries rise up your antioxidants, and immune-boosting nutrients like Vitamin C making it a healthy breakfast.

But did you know they also help prevent eye disease, reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and arthritis thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties.

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13. Smoothie: A smoothie is a fantastic inclusion in making a healthy breakfast diet. But veggie-based smoothies are more beneficial than fruit-based.



With fruit-based smoothies, you may load your nutrient-rich breakfast with tons of sugar and calories. 

Vegetable smoothies, on the other hand, offer a bounty of health benefits like increased energy and crucial antioxidants — without all that extra sugar. That is the smooth, sweet taste of victory. It looks very healthy.

14. Green tea: The Wonder Beverage Herbal tea has become very fashionable these days. It contains caffeine which improves alertness and mood along with improving your metabolism.

Green Tea has been known to fight cancer, cure simple headaches, help in digestion, and help aid in curing food poisoning and cure for many other diseases.

15. Coffee: Just like green tea, coffee is also an amazing beverage to start your day.  

It contains caffeine which prevents adenosine from slowing down and promotes the central nervous system to stay alert. It also improves your metabolism.

So these are 15 best foods that to be included in your breakfast to make it a healthy breakfast.

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